Why hasn’t Premier Houston fired Dr. Robert Strange?

Premier Tim Houston campaigned on the promise he would fix health care for all Nova Scotians. However, soon after taking office, he cozied up to Robert Strang. Who is the chief medical officer for the province of Nova Scotia. The health care system in Nova Scotia was in shambles before the outbreak of covid. Dr. Robert Strang was appointed Chief Medical Officer of Health of the Department of Health Promotion and Protection in August 2007, he continues in this role still today. The very person who is responsible for the health care in Nova Scotia is exalted by the Premier soon after taking office. Not sure how Mr. Houston could campaign on the state of health care in the province and completely dismiss the utter incompetence of the doctor who is change of that very thing? One would think his first order of business would’ve been to replace Dr. Robert Strang.  However, the opposite happened, much to the surprise of many Nova Scotians who elected him.

On May 14, 2021, the Attorney General of Nova Scotia and the Province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (Dr. Robert Strang) obtained a sweeping ex parte Injunction Order binding all Nova Scotians, preventing them from organizing, promoting or attending public gatherings that would be contrary to public health orders issued by the Chief Medical Officer.  The Injunction Order followed the decision of the Honourable Justice Scott C. Norton. The Premier at the time was Iain Rankin, who has since been voted out of office, good riddance is all one can say to that.

On Oct 26/22 the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal agreed that the Government’s exceptionally broad injunction went too far. It subjected every single person in Nova Scotia to unreasonable restrictions on fundamental rights in the absence of evidence that this was necessary or proportional.

Statement on CCLA Vs Nova Scotia (Attorney General)

Nova Scotia doesn’t only have a Chief Medial officer at the helm that is incompetent, they also have one, that helped to create an injunction that overstepped the rights of all Nova Scotians.

What does the Chief Medical officer of Nova Scotia have to do to get fired? So far, he is has got away with the failure of health care in our province and violating the Rights of Nova Scotians.

My question to Premier Houston is simple, why haven’t you fired Dr. Robert Strang?

Link to court case https://decisia.lexum.com/nsc/nsca/en/item/521296/index.do

On May 19, 2021, I (Chuck) filed a Human Rights complaint, first at the provincial level (Nova Scotia) and it was rejected, than I forwarded it to the federal level. Below is the original complaint that was filed. The complaint and answer speak for themselves.

Here is the response I received, take note of what I was told as the reason. Please note I blocked out the personal email addresses only.

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