Meet the PPC Candidate for West-Nova

The PPC candidate for West-Nova, has a remarkable family history that speaks to his resilience and fortitude. His grandfather survived a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, enduring immense hardship and adversity. Additionally, his great uncle, George Price, was the last Commonwealth soldier killed in action during World War I, a testament to his family’s deep connection to Canada’s military history.

More recently, he faced a personal battle with COVID-19 that landed him in the hospital after his lung collapsed. Despite this harrowing experience, he remained resolute and persevered, ultimately overcoming the virus.

These experiences have undoubtedly shaped his perspective and character, instilling in him a deep sense of gratitude for his family’s sacrifices and a commitment to serving his community. As a PPC candidate, he brings a unique perspective and a proven track record of resilience and determination to the table, making him a compelling candidate for West-Nova.

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