Canadian Freedom Convoy with Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson, Member of European Parliament from Germany, recently graced Canadians with her presence, as she toured Canada with multiple events in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Scott Spidle the PPC Candidate for West-Nova, attended some of these events, including an unannounced trucker convoy, where he and numerous Ottawa Freedom Convoy truckers awaited her arrival at an undisclosed parking lot.

She was overwhelmed by the amount of support and the surprise that the truckers had for her. This is where Christine and Scott first met and spoke, with a warm heart felt engagement. 

They then arrived at the Cambridge event together, riding in separate trucks in the front of the convoy. Which lasted for about an hour, as people stood with flags and signs on overpasses along the way.

During the event in Cambridge, she spoke tearfully about nearly dying in a car accident with a truck, on that same day a few years ago. Along with her family history living under the Nazis and then under communism in East Germany.

The following event in Whitby, held at the Christian College, was equally impressive and Scott further spoke with her after this event. Discussing the damage done by COVID policies and how we’re seeking accountability here in Canada.

Throughout his experience and through speaking with her, Scott found that Christine is a passionate fighter for basic human rights and freedoms, in opposition to the tyranny and oppression of totalitarian globalism, with all her heart and soul.

The result of her presence, has drawn other political leaders to show their true colours and expose where they truly stand. Which is not with Canadians, but with false media narratives and globalist agendas.

Christine’s tour and Scott’s experience with her, far exceeded expectations and we’re looking forward to the possibility of Christine continuing her tour of Canada in the future. With a good chance of West Nova hosting an event in Nova Scotia, as she intends on touring the east coast.

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