Reflections on Canada’s Political Reality

Today, we often move through life with a narrow view of the singular troubles that afflict us directly.  Increasingly we are lulled and coerced into believing the state can provide the relief from what ails us. But is this the best choice to solve our individual, family, communal and national problems?

The Lebanese born Poet and Artist Kahlil Gibran, wrote this excerpt from a poem commenting on the slow demise of Syria following its independence from the Ottoman Empire.  Today, Syria exists under a brutal totalitarian dictatorship.  Reading Kahlil’s poem, we can easily draw comparisons to Canada and the current ruling UNIPARTY and bureaucratic elite.

Take a few moments to read this excerpt and consider the current reality in Canada; think about who is being laughed at for proposing real solutions, is it you?

In the mouth of Society are many diseased teeth, decayed to the bones of the jaws. But Society makes no efforts to have them extracted and be rid of the affliction. It contents itself with gold fillings. Many are the dentists who treat the decayed teeth of Society with glittering gold.
Numerous are those who yield to the enticements of such reformers, and pain, sickness and death are their lot.
In the mouth of the Syrian (Canadian) nation are many rotten, black, and dirty teeth that fester and stink. The doctors have attempted cures with gold fillings instead of extraction. And the disease remains.
A nation with rotten teeth is doomed to have a sick stomach. Many are the nations afflicted with such indigestion.
If you wish to take a look at the decayed teeth of Syria (Canada), visit its schools where the sons and daughters of today are preparing to become the men and women of tomorrow.
Visit the courts and witness the acts of crooked and corrupted purveyors of justice. See how they play with the thoughts and minds of the simple people as a cat plays with a mouse.
Visit the home of the rich where conceit, falsehood and hypocrisy reign.
But don’t neglect to go through the huts of the poor as well, where dwell fear, ignorance and cowardice.
Then visit the nimble-fingered dentist, possessors of delicate instruments, dental plasters and the tranquilizers, who spend their days filling the cavities in the rotten teeth of the nation to mask the decay.
Talk to those reformers who pose as the intelligentsia of the Syrian (Canadian) nation and organized societies, hold conferences and deliver public speeches. When you talk to them you will hear tunes that perhaps sound more sublime than the grinding of a millstone and nobler than the croaking of frogs on a June night.
When you tell them the Syrian (Canadian) nation gnaws it bread with decayed teeth and each morsel it chews is mixed with poisoned saliva that spreads diseases in the nation’s stomach, they answer “yes, but we are seeking better tooth fillings and tranquilizers.”
And if you suggest “extraction” to them, they will laugh at you because you have not yet learned the noble art of dentistry that conceals disease.
If you were to insist, they would go off and shun you, saying to themselves:
“Many are the idealists in this world and weak are their dreams.

Gibran, Kahlil. Decayed Teeth from Thoughts and Meditations. Bantam Edition 1975

Remember the only way you truly make change is to protect your freedoms and take personal responsibility.

Michael Baldock
Peoples Party of Canada, South Shore Riding Director

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