Defending Our Rights: Why We Need to Go to Court Against Bill C-11

Attention everyone: just because Bill C-11 has passed doesn’t mean we can sit back and do nothing. This bill is a threat to our Charter rights and we need to take action to fight it.

First of all, we need to demand public hearings on the matter. It’s our right to have a say in these kinds of decisions, and we can’t let the Canadian government get away with violating our rights like this. Show up at the public hearings in droves and make your voice heard.

But we can’t do it alone. We need content providers like Twitter, YouTube, and Google to join us and pressure the Canadian government to reconsider this bill. These companies have a lot of power and influence, and we need them to use it to fight for our rights.

I know you’re going to laugh at this point, but all media, including mainstream media, need to join the fight, because you’re next on their list. This Bill C-11 is nothing more than a wish list for communist-like control. Don’t dare ask a question the government doesn’t like.

Bill C-11 threatens our fundamental rights and freedoms by giving the government excessive powers to censor and regulate online content, as well as collect personal data without our consent. This legislation violates our Charter rights and will lead to government overreach and abuses of power.

By taking legal action against Bill C-11, we can hold the government accountable for its actions and possibly delay or stop this bill from being implemented. It’s essential that we defend our Charter rights and protect our freedom of expression and privacy online.

Legal action can also raise public awareness about the dangers of this bill and help to mobilize more people to join the fight against it. Together, we can push back against government overreach and uphold our rights and freedoms as Canadians.

That’s why we need to file a massive lawsuit against this unconstitutional bill. We need to stand up for what’s right and fight for our freedom. We need to come together as Canadians and stand up to this and fight it. We must unite.

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