The Distorted Reality: When Lies Are Embraced as Truth

In our modern era, we find ourselves confronted with a perplexing phenomenon—a time where numerous individuals willingly accept falsehoods as unquestionable truths. This alarming trend has its roots in the foundation of misguided precepts upon which their beliefs are built. What ensues is a disheartening cycle, perpetuating more falsehoods and distorting their perception, influencing their responses at every level of understanding.

Examples of such distortions abound in various aspects of our society. Take, for instance, the belief held by some Christians that Jews are still exclusively recognized as the children of God. While this notion may be prevalent within certain interpretations, it deviates from a comprehensive understanding of the Bible, which highlights the inclusivity of God’s love and the potential for spiritual connection for all individuals, irrespective of their ancestry. Furthermore, there is often a lack of comprehension regarding the distinction between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Most pastors will tell you they are telling the truth, while not understanding what they’ve accepted as truth is a falsehood.

Another area where distortion thrives is the discourse surrounding climate change. Proponents of this agenda argue that, despite overwhelming scientific consensus, a significant number of people still propagate the idea that global warming is a hoax or exaggerated. That is for good reason because it is a hoax. They claim that science is settled, which should raise concerns for most, as science is never truly settled. However, this perceived crisis is used for ulterior motives, serving as a get-more-rich-quick scheme for those who are already wealthy. It is also a means to exert tyrannical control over the population, all while individuals are told they are saving the planet.  

These examples illustrate how false precepts, driven by personal beliefs or selective interpretations, can distort our perception of reality. By embracing these falsehoods, individuals inadvertently perpetuate misinformation and hinder the necessary actions required to promote understanding and effective solutions. These are just a couple of examples, but it is evident how these distortions are changing and impacting our lives. However, when attempting to convey this to others, one often finds themselves being labeled as the problem, as someone who is responsible for everything wrong in our society. Questioning and independent thinking are deemed problematic. The depth of indoctrination has reached such levels that even asking a question about the approved narrative is met with resistance.

The consequences of such distorted beliefs ripple through society, influencing public policy decisions and shaping individual behaviors. In this context, the importance of truth often takes a backseat to what people believe. It is the power of belief that motivates behavior and drives change, regardless of whether it aligns with the truth.

Breaking free from this cycle requires critical thinking, open-mindedness, and a commitment to seeking truth. That is what we are often told, but that is yet another lie. Instead, what we truly need is to turn to the ultimate source of Truth, which is Jesus. As He said, ‘I am the way, the Truth, and the life.’ It is necessary to ask Him to reveal the truth and be prepared for Him to guide us. Although it may be uncomfortable or challenging to accept, this is the only way to truly find the truth. You need to want the truth and from what I’ve seen even most Christians don’t want it.

In conclusion, there is another mechanism that keeps individuals confined within this box, and it is known as political correctness. The moment you begin to think independently, it often triggers a response where you are labeled as a racist within your own thinking or you have objectionable thoughts simply because you are thinking outside the prescribed boundaries.

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