The Danger of Denying the Presence of SOGI Education in Schools: Time to Face Facts

While there is increasing recognition and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions (SOGIE), the subject of SOGI education in schools remains deeply divisive. Some argue that these topics are essential, others disagree, and yet others deny that such subjects are even included in the educational curriculum at all.

Ignoring the Facts

The argument that SOGI topics are not included in the curriculum simply doesn’t hold water. Various provinces and countries have already integrated SOGI education into school programs. By refusing to acknowledge this, we not only encourage this curriculum to progress and flourish, but also send a message to our young people that their education is solely up to the schools, diminishing the roles of parents..

Why Deniability is Harmful

Denying the existence of SOGI education creates an environment where it can flourish, and students may not receive the education they need. This can have long-term impacts on the mental health and well-being of students.

The Importance of SOGI Education

SOGI education is very much about pushing an agenda; we need to promote an environment where all students can receive practical education. It is about providing them the tools they need to navigate the world more securely and confidently.

Time to Move Forward

It’s time we face the facts and acknowledge that SOGI education is a part of modern curricula. Deniability doesn’t serve anyone; it only serves to deepen divisions and allow progress to be made by those pushing their own agendas. Let’s commit to making our schools places where all students can receive an education, not indoctrination

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2 thoughts on “The Danger of Denying the Presence of SOGI Education in Schools: Time to Face Facts

  1. It seems to have eluded the author that education has always had elements of indoctrination. Not only in Canada but across every country in the world. Until the 1980s schools taught and glorified the conquest and subjugation of the First Nations people. Through the 1970s school textbooks referred to First Nations people as “savages”. In Quebec public school students are indoctrinated with Quebec nationalism and separatism. These is just two obvious examples out of many others that I can cite. It would be nice if public education was free of indoctrination but it isn’t the case and it has never been. Of so many objectionable topics of indoctrination in Canadian schools, why focus on sexuality?
    It’s ok to advocate for parents to have their children opt out of sex education. However, there are many parents that don’t object to sex education being taught in schools. You have every right to insist that sex education shouldn’t be mandatory, but you don’t have to the right to say that it shouldn’t be taught or discussed at school at all.
    If parents are fine with it, then their children should be taught about sexuality. If some parents object, then they should be able to have their children opt out. Would that be an acceptable compromise? If so, then I can take your statement of being about freedom and rights as good coin. But if on the other hand, you want to deny all public school students from being taught sex education, then you are what I suspect. Namely, reactionaries that want to indoctrinate all students against being educated and made aware of sexuality. You are not about freedom but rather about taking away the rights of others. You need to clarify your position. As a liberal democrat I support your right to express your opinion and to exercise your right to protest. However, when you want to impose your beliefs and morality on to the general public, then we have a conflict. With friendly greetings….

    1. The Cambridge Dictionary defines indoctrination as; the process of repeating an idea or belief to someone until they accept it without criticism or question:
      Based on this definition, your first example about the Natives is not indoctrination. It is simply stating historical events and the mindset of the politics and society at the time.
      I can agree that Quebec children being taught about nationalism and separatism can be considered indoctrination, because that is the act of trying to persuade people to believe in a certain way of thinking. It doesn’t have anything to do with real past events.
      In regards to SOGI 123, it is not a sex education system. You are dead wrong there. Do some research on what SOGI 123 is, the fake mantra that it is a “tool” to provide a “safe school environment” (in reality is a useful tool for paedophiles within the education system to groom the children), where it originated from, the written and graphic literature that accompanies it at different grade levels, then come back and edit what you had just posted.
      A good place to start. Your research would be with RCMP officer Nadine Ness.

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