What is more ‘rare’ than vaccine side effects? 

In the world of healthcare and vaccines, something rarer than the side effects themselves emerges: the reluctance of doctors and professionals to admit that vaccines can have side effects or acknowledge their potential role in causing them. What should distinguish the medical community is their unwavering commitment to patient safety. However, this commitment sometimes takes a detour when discussing vaccine side effects. While some vaccine side effects are mild and temporary, there are instances where they can be more severe. It appears that healthcare workers exhibit hesitation related to vaccine injuries, displaying a tendency to deny the reality of vaccine side effects. Their approach is not, “Let’s check that off the list”; often, it’s never considered as a possible cause by them. In most cases, they have to be left with almost no choice or face pressure from someone harmed by vaccines or their family members before acknowledging the connection. Many are left with no alternative but to pursue costly legal means.

The most commonly used word when it comes to vaccines is ‘rare,’ often linked to side effects. However, when you experience a side effect, you’ll find that the rarest part is truly getting anyone to take responsibility. This is even rarer than the side effects themselves.

When you went to get a vaccine, were you informed of all the possible side effects? Did you hear phrases like “some, but don’t worry, it is very rare, and you will be fine”? How did the conversation go?

Years ago, I conducted an experiment on social media. I removed all the details about the vaccine payouts from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), leaving only the payout amounts, and asked, “What do you think happened?” I received many responses like “someone messed up bad” or “wow, that is a really bad company.” However, once I told them what the payouts were made for, all comments went silent.

To date, a substantial sum of over $4 billion has been paid out in vaccine injury claims. Even the guidelines for VICP payouts must meet strict criteria, making it almost impossible to have your case heard. However, they have still paid out large sums of money for vaccine-related injuries. Also, if the vaccine companies were not shielded by laws protecting them, there would likely be even more payouts.

In conclusion, while it is rare to encounter a doctor or medical professional who will admit that a vaccine may have harmed you, it is even more unusual to witness healthcare professionals accepting any responsibility for those side effects. Open and honest discussions about vaccine safety, including acknowledging and addressing rare side effects, are vital for maintaining trust.

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