Did the government of Canada know that the mRNA ‘Vaccine’ was not safe or effective, yet promoted it as safe and effective anyway?

This post is based on the National Citizen Inquiry Interim Report [link] this is a must read.

On September 16, 2021, the Canadian Minister of Health issued an Interim Order to fast-track the authorization of Covid-19 drugs, including vaccines. This was done under section 30.1 of the Food and Drugs Act, allowing the Minister to bypass standard regulations in cases of “significant risk” to public health—a term not defined in the Act. The Interim Order relaxed the usual stringent requirements for vaccine safety and efficacy. Rather than demanding conclusive proof, it required manufacturers to provide “sufficient information” on these issues. If the information was incomplete, manufacturers could submit a plan to provide missing details later. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “Trust the science,” which could be better understood as “trust what we tell you”. There was clearly no science-based approach in this type of approval process, as it was designed to bypass scientific scrutiny itself. 

The National Citizen Inquiry Interim Report highlights a significant discrepancy between Health Canada’s public messaging and the actual criteria used for vaccine authorization. Although companies were not required to objectively prove safety and efficacy, Health Canada proclaimed that all authorized vaccines were “proven safe and effective.” This assertion was reiterated daily by Chief Medical Officers and other health professionals across the country. As a result, the general public was largely unaware of this divergence between public messaging and approval criteria, leading many to take a vaccine they believed was ‘safe and effective.’ If you had known the vaccine was approved in this manner, would you still have taken it?

In summary, the Interim Order streamlined the process for Covid-19 vaccine authorization but raised questions about the rigor of safety and efficacy evaluations. The government’s focus on swift distribution, rather than traditional safety measures, has sparked concerns that political considerations and public pressure may have taken precedence over public safety. Since the rollout of the vaccine, there has been an unexplained increase in deaths and other medical conditions, which further intensifies these concerns. The vaccines were neither safe nor effective as the report clearly outlines. 

The interim report calls for these recommendations? 


1. Newly implemented revisions to the Food and Drug Regulations related to the authorization of Covid-19 vaccines must be rescinded as they permanently exempt Covid-19 vaccines from the requirements to objectively prove the Safety or Efficacy as required under the Food and Drug Regulations. 

2. The current use of Covid-19 vaccines in Canada that were authorized under the revised provisions of the Interim Order and the newly revised Food and Drug Regulations, should be stopped immediately. 

3. A full judicial investigation of the process under which the Covid-19 vaccinations were authorized in Canada must be carried out. Criminal liability, if discovered, may be dealt with under existing Canadian law. 

4. All documentation concerning the authorization process and information provided to the regulatory agencies by the manufacturers should be made publicly available.

Will anyone in Government be held to account?

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