The Day Canada Died

The Canada I knew and hoped to reclaim died on the floor of Parliament as all MPs gave a standing ovation to a Nazi. A nation with values of compassion, peacekeeping missions, and global respect, which we once had, has been completely flushed down the toilet.

As all MPs in Parliament gave him a standing ovation and hailed him as a hero. He was a member of the same army that murdered countless Jews and took the lives of our grandfathers in the war, along with soldiers from other nations. Today, Parliament embraced what can only be described as the most disgraceful presence ever to set foot within its walls.

Many of us can vividly recall the stories passed down by our parents and grandparents, stories of those they lost in that war and the immense hardships it imposed. Not a single Canadian family remained untouched by the profound impact of that era. If you didn’t have a family member who fought in the war, you knew someone who did. The contempt that the Canadian Government has shown toward its citizens appears boundless.

What will become of this, who knows at this point, but all MPs should resign and be placed under investigation for suspected Nazi sympathizers. However, our country is corrupt to the core, and all institutions seem to be compromised.

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One thought on “The Day Canada Died

  1. The Canadian government now answers to Klaus Schwab–the 21st century Hitler.

    If you wish to irradicate the Nazi takeover, you now know who to…

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