Trudeau’s $10 Million Censorship Policy: The Hidden Impact on Your Freedom of Speech

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent announcement of regulations for podcasters making over $10 million a year may have left some feeling like it won’t affect them. However, it’s essential to shift our perspective and understand the broader implications that extend beyond just earnings.

A False Sense of Security:

It’s easy to assume that this policy won’t impact us directly, especially if we’re not among the high-earning podcasters. Yet, here’s where the real concern arises: If these regulations are applied to platforms like Rumble, YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, and more, it could significantly reshape how they operate.

Challenges for Major Platforms:

Imagine the challenges that major platforms might face if faced with stringent regulations. They might be compelled to enforce strict content restrictions, intensify monitoring efforts, and even make challenging choices about what content to allow and what to remove. This could impact not just podcasters but also content creators across these platforms.

Unintended Consequences:

These measures could lead to unforeseen consequences, including potential limitations on the variety of content available on these platforms. It might foster an environment of over-policing, self-censorship, and a stifling of creative and free expression.

A Broader Perspective:

In reality, it’s not solely about high earnings; it’s about censoring the vast realm of content creation and sharing. The forced requirements upon these major platforms could trickle down and affect the way we engage with our platform of choice, whether it’s hosting podcasts, videos, or social media content. It is a Trojan horse way to perform censorship on a larger audience, meaning you, by regulating your provider of choice.

Viewing the Real Impact:

We mustn’t overlook the bigger picture – this policy could directly impact our freedom of speech and expression across various digital platforms. While it might seem like an issue that affects someone else, it’s vital to understand that these restrictions are a top-down approach and are likely to influence the platform you choose to use.

As always with the Trudeau Government there is more to this than meets the eye. 

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